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This is a live interactive event where you will power through a series of puzzles in order to "escape".


  1. 01

    Take part in scientific experiments to solve puzzles!

  2. 02

    Your own group of 1~3 friends - no strangers!


Aim to escape by conducting scientific experiments and solving puzzles!

The stage is set - and it’s 3,700 years in the future!?

The puzzle-packed “Real Escape Game” and popular anime series “Dr. Stone” come together for this live interactive experience!

Dr. Stone takes place on earth 3,700 years into future. All of mankind has been turned to stone, and all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time...
Team up with the genius, Senku, and aim for success by conducting scientific experiments and solving puzzles!

In this unique, one-of-a-kind game, you’ll partake in both puzzles and interactive scientific experiments.
Experience the power of science first hand through theorizing, creating, and experimenting!


A mysterious flash of light turns all of humanity to stone for thousands of years.
It’s up to Senku Ishigami, his friends, and the power of science to recreate civilization from scratch.

One day, Senku and the others head towards a stone cave, intending to gather some useful materials.
They’re just about to begin their exploration of the rocky cavern when they’re caught off-guard by an unexpected landslide!
With the mouth of the cave completely sealed up, Senku and the others are completely trapped.

Senku decides that they're going to need more manpower to break out,
and uses his “revival fluid” to de-petrify some nearby stone statue - YOU!

Senku declares that he’s counting on you in order to escape.

Work together with Senku, the others, and the power of science
in order to break out of this stone cave and escape!

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  • Senku Ishigami

    いしがみ せんくう


    A high school student with an intellect and well of knowledge that could rival even the modern world's greatest minds. His main objective is to recreate civilization from scratch in the Stone World using the power of science. His logical way of thinking is as cool as ice, but he has a warm heart and cares deeply about his friends. His catchphrase is "Get Excited!"

  • Kohaku



    A young girl with blonde-hair and blue-eyes. An agile and experienced fighter, she has the strength to go hand to hand against other adult soldiers. She’s confident and assertive, but cares deeply about her frail sister, Ruri.

  • Chrome



    Intelligent and brimming with curiosity, Chrome has a good heart. He has collected tons of materials to try to use to cure Ruri from her illness. Slightly eccentric, he sometimes even catches Senku off-guard with his discoveries.

  • Suika



    A young girl who always wears a watermelon mask. She may be just a child, but she’s determined to do her best to be helpful to everyone.

  • Kaseki



    An elite craftsman who has been making things for over 50 years. With incredible skill and a brawny body, he can build just about anything.

How to Play

  1. 1.Purchase tickets!

    Check the venue's event schedule and buy your tickets - Tickets are currently only sold at the store!

    Click here for ticket info
  2. 2.Grab your ticket and head to NAZO BLDG. by SCRAP in Kichijoji!

    Head to the venue and check in at the reception counter. Please check in within a 50 minute time frame of the time written on your ticket, either 10 minutes beforehand or 40 minutes afterwards.

  3. 3.Start the game!

    Play in your own group of 1~3 - no strangers added. Step 3,700 years into the future from the moment you arrive at the venue!

  4. 4.Escape within the time limit to clear the game!

    You've got a time limit of 40 mins - aim to escape by conducting scientific experiments! Continue Option available!

Game System

  • Time Limit:
    40 min

  • Group size:
    1~3 players

  • Start:

This game can be played with 3 players per group.
Approximately 30 people can participate at the same time,
but the game must be challenged in groups.

*Groups may start the game at any time of their choice within their time slot.

  • Event Period

    Game starts from 11 June (Thurs)!

  • Venue

    NAZO BLDG. in Kichijoji

Click here for access!


Ticket Price

Trio Ticket
- Challenge this game in a group of 3!
Advance Ticket2,400yen/player
(Total: 7,200 yen)
(Total: 8,100 yen)
Pair Ticket
- Challenge this game as a pair!
Advance Ticket2,600yen/player
(Total: 5,200 yen)
(Total: 5,800 yen)
Solo Ticket
- Challenge this game alone!
Advance Ticket3,600yen/player
(Total: 3,600 yen)
(Total: 3,900 yen)
Continue Option
800yen (per player to continue for 10 min)
*The Continue Option must be used by all players in the group.

*Tickets are currently only sold at the store.
*Only the on-the-day ticket is available.
*All tickets are automatically Time-Slot tickets. They cannot be used outside of the time-slot printed on the ticket.
*This type of ticket allows you to check in at the reception on 1F and start the game at any time within the time frame stated on your ticket. Players will be seen to in order upon arrival.




This game can be enjoyed with your own group of 1~3. You will not be placed in a group with strangers.

  • Play in a group of 3!

    (Please purchase the Trio Ticket!)

  • Play in a group of 2!

    (Please purchase the Pair Ticket!)

  • Play by yourself!

    (Please purchase the Solo Ticket!)

  • Play right away!

    (Please purchase an On-the-Day Ticket!)

What's a Time-Slot Ticket?

*This type of ticket allows you to sign in and start the game at any time within the time frame stated on your ticket.
Please make sure to sign in within your time slot. The ticket cannot be used on any other date.

Event Time

10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 /
15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00
*Final entry: 20:40
*Times may change depending on the day. Please check the ticket calendar for more information.
*Please check in within a 50 minute time frame of the time written on your ticket, either 10 minutes beforehand or 40 minutes afterwards.

Event Schedule/Ticket