A Super Escape from Human Extinction

Use your wits to gather the Dragon Balls and save Earth!

A Super Escape from Human Extinction

For this game,
each game kit purchased will require one smartphone
or any device that can connect to the internet.

For this game,
each game kit purchased will require one smartphone
or any device that can connect to the internet.


  • 4/3

    English version starts from 12th April!


All of a sudden, Earth's peace was being threatened.

The evil conquerer, Frieza, had suddenly appeared on Earth.His ambition - to obtain immortality by gathering all the Dragon Balls, and destroy Earth.

Even Earth's most trusted warrior, Gokou, has had his powers stolen by Frieza's army....

To help Gokou get his powers back, you need to gather all the Dragon Balls before Frieza!

Journey with Gokou through this town where the Dragon Balls have been scattered, and help bring peace back to Earth!

How to Play

  • 1

    Go to a store location that is running this game

    *Asakusa / Yokohama / Nagoya / Kyoto / Osaka
    Get a game kit!

  • 2

    Buy a Game Kit!

    Buy your game kit at the counter!

  • 3

    Begin your adventure with Gokou!

    Solve the first puzzle,
    and head to that location!

  • 4

    Start a battle!

    Summon Shenron,
    and help Gokou regain his powers!

In this game event, you will use the Dragon Radar and physically walk around the area to solve puzzles and codes.

Recommended Points

  • Any number of players can join!

    You can play by yourself,
    or together with friends!

  • No time limit!

    You might discover new shops
    you have never noticed
    while walking around solving puzzles!

  • Use the Dragon Radar!

    Your very own smartphone
    will become a Dragon Radar!

  • Clear the game and get a bonus!

    A super mysterious warrior certificate
    based on how well you solve the puzzles!
    How high is your puzzle-solving combat power?


Ticket Sales Schedule

12 April 2019, 12:00 onwards

Game Details & Tickets

  • Tokyo

    Real Escape Room

    12 April -
    31 May 2019

  • Yokohama

    Real Escape Room

    12 April -
    31 May 2019

  • Nagoya

    Real Escape Room

    12 April -
    31 May 2019

  • Kyoto

    Real Escape Room

    12 April -
    31 May 2019

  • Osaka

    Real Escape Room

    12 April -
    31 May 2019

What is Real Escape Game?

Real Escape Game is a real-life game event where you are physically "locked" in a themed room, and have to solve puzzles and codes to "escape". SCRAP has been creating immersive puzzle events since 2007, pioneering the new genre of Real World Adventure, which has become a driving force in the entertainment world. REGs are held in unique places such as schools, ruined hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and even whole city districts. The events have built enthusiasm and have attracted over 4 million players.

What is Dragon Ball Super?


A sequel to Dragon Ball created by Toriyama Akira. Serialized in Shueisha’s weekly comic magazine, “V JUMP”. Animation series produced by Toei Animations.
A story that takes place after Gokou helped return peace to Earth by defeating the villain Majin Buu.