Real Escape Game x ONE PIECE STAMPEDE Movie

Real Escape Game x ONE PIECE STAMPEDE Movie

A treasure looting festival swarmed with pirates!

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

27 Jul (Sat) - 23 Sep (Mon) 2019

This is a game event that you physically participate in.
Enter the world of One Piece and adventure around the theme park!


A treasure looting festival swarmed with pirates!

A hidden treasure was
left behind by
Pirate King, Gol.D.Roger.
Upon hearing rumors of
its whereabouts, you headed to
the theme park
in question.
A treasure map and compass in hand, you tried searching for the treasure, but...

"Race to see who gets the treasure first!!"

Suddenly, the 'Straw Hat Crew' and many other famous pirates from the New
World appear!
Only the fastest to decode the map wins.
Will you be able to find the treasure that the Pirate King (Roger) hid in this
theme park filled with puzzles and pirates?!

Let the looting festival filled with screams and cheers begin!

  • Buy Tickets

    Head to the theme park
    and buy your event ticket there!
    *Only on-the-day tickets are available for the English version.

  • Sign-in at the Theme Park

    Go to the event sign-in booth,
    and get your game kit!
    With this, you're a pirate from now onwards!

  • Take Part in Challenges!

    Familiar pirates are all around the theme park!
    Solve puzzles, ride attractions, and clear the missions from the pirates!
    After which, another mission awaits...?!

  • Complete the Game

    If you manage to solve all the puzzles and reach the end of the story, that means you have cleared the game!

  • Play alone or with friends!

    Play alone or with friends!

    Play as you like alone or
    enjoy a day with friends!

  • No time limit.

    No time limit.

    Play at your own pace and
    fully enjoy the theme park!

  • Suitable for children too!

    Suitable for
    children too!

    Missions that children
    can challenge too?!
    Enjoy the game as a family!


The ticket prices for the English version of the game are different from the Japanese version.

Ticket Prices
Game Ticket with 3 Attraction Rides

2,500 yen(incl. tax)
(Children in elementary school and above will require a ticket)
*Children age 9 and below are to be accompanied by someone age 13 in junior high school and above. More details here

If you already bought a One-day Passport (unlimited rides) or the Ride 5 ticket for the theme park, you can enjoy this game with an additional 500yen.
→ Prices for the One-day Passport and Ride 5 here

*For the English version of the game, the game experience, puzzles, and game booths are different from the Japanese version.
*Only on-the-day tickets are available for the English version.
*Tickets are only sold at Tokyo Dome City Attractions ticket counters.
*To solve the puzzles in this event, you have to ride at least one attraction.
*You can choose the game course and rides you go on. Therefore, the number of attractions taken may differ depending on the player.

*When you participate in this event, depending on the route you choose, additional fees outside of the event ticket may be incurred.

Please come to the event booth in the Viking Zone to sign in within the specific time slots.

English Version Game
Timings

27 July (Sat) ~
1 September (Sun) 2019

Public Holidays,
and Obon Festival
※From 10 August ~ 18 August, sign-in starts from 9:30

2 September (Mon) ~
23 September (Mon, Public Holiday)

Weekends and
Public Holidays

*From 2 September (Mon) sign-in ends at 19:00.
*Due to the Obon Festival, 10 August ~ 18 August will be considered as public holidays.
*Closing times will be 22:00 for 27 July (Sat) ~ 1 September, and 21:00 for 2 September (Mon) onwards.
*Do note that the English version of the game begins on a different date than the Japanese version. (Japanese: 13 July / English: 27 July)
Players are not able to play after closing hours.


Receive an Original Game Clear File Bag!

Take a photo of the campaign board at the venue, share it on your social media with #OnePieceTreasureHunt
and get an Original Clear File Bag! Just show the staff at the sign-in booth that you have shared the photo online!
*Limited quantity available


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