"Thank you for travelling with the Tokyo Metro!
Did you notice? We have hidden puzzles all over Tokyo.

So we invite you on this mysterious journey.
We’re sure you’ll be able to meet many different sides of Tokyo in this journey.
Delicious Tokyo, beautiful Tokyo, or…
Oops, shan’t disclose too much. Solve the puzzles and you’ll find out more!

We wish you all the best in solving the puzzles we’ve hidden.
Of course, travelling by Tokyo Metro would be the most convenient."

What is
"The Underground Mysteries

This is a puzzle-solving game played while walking through the streets of Tokyo. Look for your next destination by solving puzzles!

Game Period

1 October
2018 (Mon)
31 January
2019 (Thu)
Available for play everyday!


(including 24hr train ticket)

Number of

Can be played alone or with any number of people!

To play The Underground Mysteries, you must first get your hands on the game kit.



The game kit costs 2,200yen, inclusive of tax. ※Includes a train ticket that allows you to ride all Metro lines for 24 hours.

Where to buy the Game Kit

*Game kits are sold every day from 7:40am to 8:00pm. at Ueno Station, Tokyo Metro pass office.

Sales Period:
*Sales Period: English game kits are also sold at the following Tokyo Metro Pass Office on the weekend excpet January 1.
- Kita-senju Station: 9:30am to 2:30pm
- Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station: 9am to 2pm

The game starts once you purchase your game kit. It's the start of a journey through a Tokyo you haven't seen!

a Game Kit

Purchase your game kit at the Tokyo Metro pass offices of the stated stations. The game kit includes a 24hr train ticket.

How to Get


Solve the puzzles on your game kit, and go to that location.


around Tokyo

Follow the other hints and codes, look around Tokyo and solve all the mysteries.

Submit the
final answer

Find the final answer, and submit it on this page to clear the game!


Things to have on you:

Game Kit
(with 24hr train ticket)

A smart phone or any device that allows you to connect to the internet

Comfortable clothes and shoes

Recommended styles of playing:

  • Play With Friends
  • Play Alone
  • Play as a Couple
  • Play as a Family

These are Practice Questions to see if you're ready for the real thing.

M is for Marunouchi Line, F is for Fukutoshin Line, and Y is for Yurakucho Line.
The only station that all 3 lines pass through is Ikebukuro Station. Tokyo Metoro Subway MAP