English and Chinese versions available!

English and Chinese versions available!




“Escape from The NINE ROOMS” at ASOBUILD
will end on 19 January 2020 (Sun)

Attracting 4 million players worldwide,
Real Escape Game presents
a brand new concept!
How many rooms can you conquer?!


  • 2019.1.24

    Game website launched!


You wake up in an unknown room.
You search the room, solve the puzzle, and unlock the door.
What greets you is the sign “No.2” and another unknown room.


You unlock door after door, but with no exit in sight.
As if taunting you, the rooms continue on.

One room is a submarine, and another is an antique room.

Trapped in a myriad of rooms, will you be able to find your way out?

Everything weighs on your inspiration.

Will you challenge and conquer The Nine Rooms ?

What is 9rooms?

“Escape from The NINE ROOMS” (9rooms) is an experiential game where you are physically locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to escape 9 different rooms, one after another.
  • Escape from the 9 continuous rooms.

    After escaping from one room, you find yourself in another?!
    Unlock the room you’re in with the help of a device!

  • Use all 5 senses and unleash your inspiration!

    If you get stuck, hints will start to show on your device over time.

  • Time Limit of 50 minutes

    A 'Continue Option' is available too!
    How many rooms can you conquer within the time limit?

  • Time Limit of 50 min

  • Group size: 1~4 players

  • Start when ready

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Retries allowed!
    Challenge again if you fail!

  • No horror aspect

How to Participate

  • 1. Go to the store location!

    Head to the venue that is a 2min walk from Yokohama station.

  • 2. Go to the reception counter!

    Look for the game reception counter on the 2nd floor.

  • 3 . Get tickets!

    Currently, English and Chinese game tickets are only available as 'on-the-day tickets'.
    Please buy your tickets at the counter!

  • 4 . Start playing the game!

    Have fun solving puzzles in 9 consecutive rooms! How far can you make it?!

    The answers will not be revealed if your time runs out, so you can challenge it again!

    *Please make sure to sign in at 2F within your time slot.
    If you do not sign in within 40min of your ticket, it will become invalid.

The 9th Room's Rule

For the 9th room, you can only stay a maximum of 10min and no hints will be given.
Even if you have more than 10min remaining when you enter the 9th room, you will need to leave it when 10mins pass.
If you have less than 10min remaining when you enter the 9th room, you can only stay for that amount of time.
If you want to challenge only the 9th room again, please buy “The 9th Room's Retry Ticket”.
*9rooms is a series of small rooms you have to escape from. You may have to wait to enter the next room if the group in front of you is still occupying it. In this case, your remaining time will stop counting down.
*The time taken to complete the game will vary with players.
*The total estimated time spent at the venue is 60-120 minutes. Please set aside ample time when coming.

The 9th Room's Retry Ticket

"Players who clear rooms 1-8 but fail the 9th room will receive a “Retry” Card.
The card will allow you to buy a special ticket to challenge only the 9th room again at a cheaper price.
*This special ticket will not allow you to play rooms 1-8 again.
*The special ticket does not allow you the in-game “Continue Option”."
“The 9th Room's Retry Ticket”: 800yen/player for 10min (only cash accepted on the day)
*It is 800yen/player no matter the group size.

Event Outline イベント概要

  • Time Limit: 50 min

  • Group size: 1~4 players

  • Start when ready

What is Real Escape Game?

Real Escape Game is a real-life game event where you are physically "locked" in a themed room, and have to solve puzzles and codes to "escape". SCRAP has been creating immersive puzzle events since 2007, pioneering the new genre of Real World Adventure, which has become a driving force in the entertainment world. REGs are held in unique places such as schools, ruined hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and even whole city districts. These events have built enthusiasm and have attracted over 4 million players.

Produced by: SCRAP / Akatsuki Live Entertainment

A brand new, first of its kind, escape game born from the collaboration between two entertainment companies: the company which created the world’s first escape game and countless puzzle events, SCRAP Corporation, and one of Japan’s leading mobile game creators, Akatsuki Inc.
A completely new style of “Real Escape Game” with an improved immersive experience will be available at “Real Escape Room YOKOHAMA”, as part of the new entertainment building ASOBUILD that will open near Yokohama Station in March 2019!

CEO's comment on 9rooms

A space luxuriously packed with puzzles.

You are trapped in a mysterious room.
Escaping is simple:
All you need to do is find that one word hidden in the room.

Then, you are trapped again in another room.
Trapped, you solve a puzzle, escape the room, and find yourself trapped again.

There are 9 mystery rooms in total.

Each room has just one puzzle.
Each and every one of them are of the highest quality seen in escape rooms.
Each puzzle is made specially for that room, and each room is made purely for that one puzzle.
Only you and that one puzzle exist in that space.
There are no confusing storylines or other players in the room.
You do not have to solve a ton of puzzles.
Just one. Just that one puzzle made for that room.

I hope you enjoy these special puzzles to your heart’s content.
Don’t worry, your fun won't end. The next room will be waiting for you.

SCRAP CEO, Takao Kato

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