Price / Tickets

Advance Ticket On-the-day Ticket

4-players Ticket

Only 4 players in one session


3-players Ticket

Only 3 players in one session


2-players Ticket

Only 2 players in one session


1-player Ticket

Only 1 player in one session

(1 person)
(1 person)

Continue Option

available in-game

800yen/player lets you extend for 10min
(only cash accepted)

The 9th Room's Retry Ticket

800yen/player for 10min
(only cash accepted)
*9rooms is a game event that can be played by 1~4 players. You will not be grouped with other players, so you can enjoy the game with your own circle of friends or by yourself.
*All tickets are “Time-slot Tickets”.
*Children age 7 and above will require a ticket.
*Children of age 15 and below are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 20 and above must be in the group.
*Pre-school children can be brought into the game by a guardian, and do not require a ticket.
*”The 9th Room's Retry Ticket” can only be purchased on the day in cash. There will be no advance tickets.
9rooms lets you play the game with only your friends.
You will not be grouped with players you do not know.
  • Play as a group of 4 friends!

    Buy the 4-players ticket!
    Enjoy the game with friends in a group 4!

  • Play as a group of 3 friends!

    Buy the 3-players ticket!
    Enjoy the game with friends in a group 3!

  • Play as a pair of friends!

    Buy the 2-players ticket!
    Enjoy the game with a friend in a group of 2!

  • Play the game alone!

    Buy the 1-player ticket!
    Enjoy the game by yourself!

  • I want to try it now!

    Get on-the-day tickets.

  • *Make sure everyone is present before signing in.

What are time-slot tickets?

This type of ticket allows you to sign in and start the game at any time within the time frame stated on your ticket.
Please make sure to sign in within your time slot. The ticket cannot be used on any other date.

Event Timings

Pick a timing!


※Last entry: 20:40
※Timings may vary. Please check the Event Calendar for accurate details.

Sales Period

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2 February 2019 (Sat) 12:00 onwards

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