On 26 Feb (Wed) the Japanese government reported new security measures to be put into place to prevent the risk of potential new coronavirus cases. It was announced that due to the large risk of infection at mass gatherings of people, such as sports and/or cultural events, it was strongly advised that all such events were either cancelled, postponed, or reduced in size for the next 2 weeks.

In response, SCRAP Co., LTD (all locations and events, including Tokyo Mystery Circus) will take the following measures.

・Should any customers wish to refrain from participating in events they have already booked and paid for, we will issue a full refund for games happening until 11 March (Wed).

・However, all SCRAP locations will continue to operate until further notice. Furthermore, all of our events will take place as scheduled.

[Regarding Refunds]

・Please note that refunds can only be offered for previously purchased tickets to games and events that customers no longer wish to participate in. We cannot offer any refunds for transportation expenses, accommodation, and so on.

・Tickets that have already been used to participate in a game or event are not eligible for refunds.

How to Request a Refund

Refund for SCRAP games and events in light of the Corona Virus
*How to request for a refund stated below

The method of getting a refund may differ with the ticketing site you used to book your ticket. Please check your ticket and read the information regarding your method of purchase.

< Eligible Stores / Venues for Getting a Refund >

We will issue a full refund for all games and events happening between 26 Feb 2020 (Wed) and 11 Mar 2020 (Wed) if you decide not to attend them*. *The games and events will still operate as usual should you decide to still attend them.

■ Eligible Stores
・Games & events at all SCRAP stores throughout Japan

If you have bought tickets from any SCRAP store in Japan and would like a refund for the stated period, please check below for "How to request for a refund".

■ Event venues apart from SCRAP stores
・Information regarding the event "Real Stealth Game PHANTOM THIEF" can be found at the following page.
SCRAP NEWS(https://www.scrapmagazine.com/news/
*Only in Japanese

< How to request for a refund >

■ Important points to note regarding refunds
・Group Tickets purchased will be refunded as a whole (at Group Ticket price at the time of purchase). If individual members of the group decide to attend the event still, please book individual tickets separately.
・Pair Tickets and Trio Tickets will also be refunded as a whole. It is not possible to refund just part of a group ticket.

■ Customers who purchased tickets via SCRAP Bookings or Tokyo Mystery Circus online booking system

・Requests for refunds are accepted only if sent before 22 March 2020 (Sunday) 11:59PM

Refund method:
Please send an email requesting for a refund to toiawase {at} scrapmagazine.com
with the following information:
*Please change the {at} to @ before sending it.
・Email Address
・Which store you bought the ticket for (e.g. Tokyo Mystery Circus, Asakusa)
・Bank details (only if you paid via convenience store or over the counter at Tokyo Mystery Circus)

・Tickets paid via Credit Card
We will first check your information in the email, and process a refund to your credit card.

・Tickets paid via Convenience Store
Please let us know your bank details.
We will first check your information in the email and purchase details, and then process a refund to your bank account. Please understand that this refund may take up to a month to go through.
*Only Japanese banks accepted

・Tickets paid for over the counter at Tokyo Mystery Circus
Please let us know your bank details.
We will first check your information in the email and purchase details, and then process a refund to your bank account. Please understand that this refund may take up to a month to go through.
*Only Japanese banks accepted

■ Tokyo Mystery Circus (https://mysterycircus.jp/topics
In addition, news regarding Yoru no Zombie Yuenchi kara no Dasshutsu "Escape from the Zombie Amusement Park at Midnight" (Japanese only) scheduled to take place 10 April (Fri) will be announced at a later date, depending on further announcements from the government. If the policies for any of our future events differ from above, we will announce it at a later date.

[Regarding the Prevention of Spread of Infection at Venues]

We at SCRAP's Tokyo Mystery Circus are putting forth our best efforts to maintain the safety of customers and staff during flu season. If customers are experiencing symptoms such as colds, fevers, or other abnormalities, we will offer a full refund of any tickets purchased and ask that you refrain from visiting public facilities to prevent the possible spreading of infection.

■All staff members are required to wear surgical masks while on-duty, and we strongly insist that customers wash their hands thoroughly with soap and make use of the alcohol rub sanitizers provided by staff.

■All staff members have their temperature checked before going on-duty, and any staff members found to have high fevers will refrain from working at our facilities.

■We regularly sterilize and wash all items that come into contact with customers to prevent the spread of possible infection.
We understand our customers' concerns regarding the coronavirus, but we here at SCRAP will do our utmost to reduce any anxiety and allow you to enjoy our games and events as much as possible.